U MATCH Floor – Ceiling

Gree’s Universal Floor/Ceiling Interior Unit provides your business with a one-stop climate control solution.  Adaptable to any environment where space is at a premium, the Universal Floor/Ceiling offers maximum flexibility and elegance of design.  It can be suspended from any ceiling or mounted upon any wall.  The streamlined design of the Universal Floor/Ceiling delivers perfect climate control while minimizing spatial impact.  Featuring a powerful multi-speed fan and corresponding 4-way discharge of air capability; it distributes acclimatized air to any commercial space powerfully, quietly, and efficiently. The Universal Floor/Ceiling is ideal for restaurants, unique commercial spaces, and any public environment where discreet powerful climate control is essential.  The Universal Floor/Ceiling Unit provides control and comfort at the user’s fingertips with the convenience of an infrared remote control.  In the event of an unexpected power outage, Gree’s Power Failure Recovery System ensures that climate control will resume as soon as power is restored.

  • 4-way Discharge Air
  • Multi Speed Fan
  • IR Remote Control
  • XK60 Wired Programmable Controller (Sold Separately)
  • Swing Louver
  • Remote Control Lockout
  • Power Failure Recovery

Product Documentation available on the Product Documents-Current Product tab of greecomfort.com

Title Type Size
U-Match Floor/Ceiling Installation Manual application/pdf 3 MB
Floor/Ceiling Owner’s Manual application/pdf 1 MB
Parts Catalog application/pdf 2 MB
U-Match Floor/Ceiling 18 MBH application/pdf 345 KB
U-Match Floor/Ceiling 24 MBH application/pdf 337 KB
U-Match Floor/Ceiling 30 MBH application/pdf 370 KB
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