Jack of All Sprays


Jack of All Sprays – Professional Strength Lubricant


No drip…no waste…multi-purpose lubricant biodegradable, non-toxic and odorless

Introducing Jack of all Sprays—A revolutionary lubricant that is industrial strength and household safe. Jack powerfully bonds to metal to penetrate, protect, and loosen rusted parts.

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When the going gets tough, the tough get Jack of All Sprays®.

This industrial strength maintenance lubricant penetrates and loosens rusted and stuck parts, displaces water to protect metal surfaces, lubricates intricate moving parts for smooth operation and much more. Jack of All Sprays® was developed by American Oil since 1895® utilizing the most advanced base oils and additives. This industrial strength product is bio degradable, non-toxic and odorless; it is food grade, NSF H2 registered and has been approved under the USDA Bio-Preferred program as a 93% bio based lubricant.


  • Highly formualted to consistantly overperform and make every application concentrated.
  • Polish-like film created protects applications from rusting, corroding, weathering, wearing & tearing.
  • High surface tension provides degreasing properties cutting through surface grit & grime
  • Biodegradable / Non-Toxic / Odorless

g26Precision perfect application: no drip, no mess

Jack of All Sprays® applies itself as a no-drip foaming spray that innately finds its way into and around its intended application, instead of running or wasting, keeping overhead work simple. Jack actively seeks out metal to cover and cuts underneath surface contaminants, creating a polish-like film that stays tight to metal surfaces and is impenetrable to moisture that can otherwise lead to rust and corrossion.


jackofallspraysPerfect for HVAC/R Applications. Works in Hot or Cold. Odorless Formula.

  • Powerful penetration helps loosen stuck parts
  • Provides lasting rust protection
  • Does not damage plastics, rubbers or seals
  • Safe for wiring terminals
  • Lubricates any moving parts
  • No drip foam application helps prevent dripping
  • 2.5oz size is easily stored and ready for use anywhere

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